Most of the works are available in both Limited Edition and Open Edition. Limited edition prints are substantially larger and come in one of two sizes: either 24 x 16 inches or 33 x 22 inches. (Note: only seven images are currently available in the 33" x 22" size). All limited edition prints are supplied with a signed certificate of authentication which must accompany the print if the work is resold.

The limited edition prints themselves may or may not be signed, verso, by the artist. A complete record is kept by the artist of which prints have been signed and which have not. Because signatures can easily be forged, this policy offers an extra layer of security for the purchaser.

If a purchaser specifically requests a signature it will be provided, on the verso of the print, and logged into the sales record.

Framed prints (limited editions only) have been mounted with acid-free paper corners on to conservation standard boards. No tape or any other material is attached to the prints. Frames are 6mm aluminium, with matt, mount, and backing board.

All prices exclude shipping costs.


Collectors' Limited Edition Prints

Print Size 24 x 16 inches (610mm x 406mm)

Unframed: £2,500 (US$3,950)
Framed: £2,600


Print Size 33 x 22 inches (840mm x 560mm)

Unframed: £3,500 (US$4,950)
Framed: £3,650


Print Size 19 x 13 inches (480mm x 330mm; set of 4)

Unframed: £4,800 (US$7,450)
Framed (set of 4): £5,200

[Above: Dress Shop Four, four-part artwork, 19 x 13 inches each. Edition of 6. Sold only as a set of four.]


To make a purchase of a Limited Edition Print

Please contact the artist: Contact


Low Cost Open Edition prints

Open Edition prints are available in the following sizes: 10 x 12 inches (£34), 12 x 16 inches (£48), and 16 x 20 inches (£68).

CLICK HERE to see the gallery at: The Hub, operated by The Print Space. You can order Open Edition prints, with frames if required, direct from this service.